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Hatchet Herd Pedigree Dexter Beef is a unique herd which can often be seen grazing around the local area where these small black cows play an important part in shaping and caring for the landscape and forest as they are excellent conservation grazers and cause no damage.

Hatchet Herd Sheep and Pedigree Dexter Cows in the field

Dexters grow slowly, and naturally build up fine layers of fat that create a much desired succulent marbling effect in the meat which produces a texture and flavour that foodies desire.

We are proud to be retailing this lovely product in our traditional butchery counter. NOW, also Hatchet Herd Lamb can be found in our counter, produced by Pete in the same sustainable way as his Dexters.

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Hatchet Herd Dexter Beef products at Beaulieu Farm Shop
Hatchet Herd Sheep
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